Today you may find some incredible but also a bit little freaky terms for daily meals such as brunch, blunch, drunch, drunkfast or brinner. It all depends are you having breakfast with lunch closer to lunch, dinner with lunch, brunch for dinner or even drunk meals like drunk lunch. Some may find it crazy and some find it very amusing, this time we will dedicate more time to the brunch which presents a meal combined of breakfast and lunch recipes eaten between breakfast and lunch time.

The typical recipe for a great brunch is one of the favorite sandwiches among people called Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Best Monte Cristo Sandwich from New York

This is one of the best sandwich recipes ever you may find in New York, more exactly in the heart of the West Village. This time we will talk about amount of ingredients for two sandwiches. It is important to get quality roasted turkey and smoked ham in form of nice, thick slices and you will need around 10 slices each. Also essential is top notch bread, more exactly 6 slices and this great mornay sauce that is used for dipping or a bowl of your beloved jam.

On each slice of bread is needed some mayo spreading and you will need three slices for each sandwich.

The first slice comes with shredded gruyere or Gouda cheese and ham on top which you cover with a middle slice of bread. Between middle and third slice comes also cheese but with roasted turkey. One cup of this shredded cheese will be enough for both sandwiches.


Besides this, in a separate bowl, you need to make a mixture of 4 eggs, 1/4 cup of milk, 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon and ¼ tsp vanilla extract. Then comes soaking the sandwich into this mixture for a couple of minutes on each side with a little bit of pressure from your hands to compact. After comes cooking of each side of the sandwich on medium heated, melted butter for about two minutes per side. Nice, brown color will be your sign to remove sandwich from the heat and serve it with delicious mornay sauce or some of your favorite jam.

One special secret ingredient will give that final touch and make all the ingredients create this unique magic and it is a simple dusting of powdered sugar. This recipe will make you feel closest to sitting in the center of West Village in New York and enjoying your perfect brunch time.

Different variations of the sandwich

Variations of the Monte Cristo sandwich are outnumbering and have a great tendency to vary from each to each restaurant. It also had great transformations through the history depending on what country comes from and what ingredients may be found.


Names were also various as its recipes, such as French Sandwich, French Toasted Cheese Sandwich or Toasted ham Sandwich. So if you love French Toast you should try this one for sure. But you should also remember that this meal is definitely not included in diet or healthy food because of its fat and calories included.